A Swahili name meaning ‘To Grow Strong’.

As a company, we strive to be bold in design and ideas. We desire to create disruptive innovation and believe that what we look at and create should be beautiful.

At the foundation of everything, we hope to create ambition and inspire our community to be stronger; to be part of quality moments they deserve.

iLOLA is me, iLOLA is us, iLOLA is the sum of our collective memorable moments.

- Su-Mari, Co-Founder, iLOLA & Inventor of the Tea Disc.

The Beginning
It Started with Tea

Our journey started in a little tea shop on the Sunshine Coast, in Canada. Hand blending organic loose leaf tea helped us fall in love with tea and connected us with our community.

Doing life with them, in that tea shop, will always hold fond memories and a special place in our heart. It is also through our community here, that lead us to the innovation of the Tea Disc.

We hope your memories with tea and bonding with your community will be as special as ours.

Su-Mari - Co-Founder, iLOLA & Inventor of the Tea Disc.

Quality Moments

We believe that every moment is an important moment in your life. It defines your now, and your future.
Our belief is to make these moments as memorable as possible.

Personally, Su-Mari loves great food and Tim loves great experiences. Bringing these together, brings a quality experience. We want to bring luxury, quality products and experiences in all that we do.

Family at the Core
This Is Us

We are a large family with 5 amazing children who are respectable, fun and full of love. 

We work as a family, together in our business. We have survived the sleepless nights, raising twins and overcoming close losses. Staying healthy and becoming stronger, together, is at the foundation of all of our choices.

Our community and their support is fundamental to our survival. Keeping them healthy, strong and staying at their best, helps our family stay healthy, strong and at our best.

iLOLA is us - iLOLA is you.

Co-Founder / Co-CEO

Su-Mari is our Co-Founder, Co-CEO and
Chief Disrupter. Su-Mari is the inventor of iLOLA Tea Discs and is actively involved
in product innovation.

Co-Founder / Co-CEO

Tim is our Co-CEO, Co-Founder and 'Out of the Box' thinker. Tim loves bold ideas, innovation and brought the iLOLA Tea Disc Humidor to life. He loves being involved in overseeing the business with Su-Mari.

Operations Manager

Alisha is our Operations Manager. Alisha is actively involved in running the business and loves people. She comes with years of customer service experience in some
of the top businesses in the world.

Head Office

215 - 6901 72nd Street.

Delta, BC, Canada

Mon - Fri, 8:30am - 4:30pm

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1225 E Sunset Drive, Suite 145 PMB 1130
Bellingham, WA 98226

Videos from iLOLA's Founders

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect with our community and provide them
with the tools they need to move forward, in strength.

Watch the video below to hear from
Su-Mari, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of iLOLA.


What is iLOLA?

iLOLA means 'To Grow Strong.'
iLOLA is a journey of strength and confidence. We take this
into our products, our designs and how we are to impart
strength in all that we do.

Watch the video below to discover more.


Who is the Tea Disc for?

If you're looking to get into loose leaf tea but are unsure
how to step into it, the simplicity of using the Tea Disc
makes this journey much easier.

Watch the video to discover more.

Watch Now

Why we created the Tea Disc

From the customers of our tea shop we would get asked - how
much tea do I add? We realized the journey of stepping into
loose leaf tea was daunting.

Watch the video to discover more.