What is a Tea Disc?

When creating something new, we get asked "what is it" and "what does it do for me".

What is a Tea Disc?

A Tea Disc is loose leaf tea compounded into a simple to use disc.

All of the health benefits, flavours, aromas and quality of loose leaf tea in one convenient Tea Disc.

Easy • Convenient • Quality Every Time


What does it do for me?

The Tea Disc makes loose leaf tea simple. Enjoy your favourite tea and not be overwhelmed by the process.

Get all the health benefits of loose leaf tea ingredients plus we added probiotics into each disc to help you grow stronger with every cup.

The Tea Disc was also designed to travel, so take your tea with you, wherever you go.

iLOLA's Tea Disc

We designed and patented the Tea Disc for two reasons:

1. To make loose leaf tea simple to use.
Loose leaf tea tastes better than instant or tea bags, but often we fall at the first hurdle - how much to use. We removed that barrier so more people could enjoy amazing tea experiences.

2. To take loose leaf tea with you.
Don't stoop to a tea bag on the go! The Tea Disc allows you to take your favourite loose leaf tea with you, enjoying quality tea at any moment.

And as health and wellness is important to us, we have enriched each Tea Disc with your daily dose of probiotics.

Videos from iLOLA's Founders

Why the Tea Disc?

At our tea shop, our customers would always ask how much tea do I use" and we realized, the journey of enjoying loose leaf tea was daunting and we wanted to change that.

Watch the video to discover more.


Who is the Tea Disc for?

If you are looking to start enjoying loose leaf tea,
yet are unsure how to step into it, the simplicity of using
the Tea Disc makes this journey much easier.

Watch the video to discover more.